Facts About the
Scholastic Clay Target Program

  • Sporting clays, skeet and trap shooting are safer than all popular school sports*
  • SCTP goes beyond competitive shooting – it builds character. Seven in 10 senior shooters credit
    SCTP for providing leadership skills**
  • 57% of parents said their view of the shooting sports is more acceptable because of their child's
    involvement in SCTP**
  • >95% of parents said that SCTP has been a positive influence in their child's development**
  • >45% of parents said that their child's grades have improved since being part of SCTP**

*From American Sports Data, Inc. – "A Comprehensive Study of
Sports Injuries in the U.S."**From National Shooting Sports Foundation Industry
Intelligence Report, Vol. 2 No4

1. How do I sign up?
To register for the 2019-2020 season, return forms and check, to Ms. Athens in Rm
E115 at Carroll High School no later than September 13, 2018.

2. When is the clay target season?
The clay target season starts in September with National tournaments running
through the end of Summer. Competitions take place on weekends. You are not
required to participate in all competitions.

3. When are practices? Where?
CCTT team practices will be held on Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 and Saturdays from
9:00-12:00 at Elm Fork Shooting Sports, 10751 Luna Rd in Dallas.
Practices may be limited based on adult coaching and safety staff, one
coach and one parent volunteer is required per squad (4 or 5 shooters).

4. My child participates in a fall sport. Can he/she join the Clay Target Team?
Yes! We have students in a wide variety of extra curricular activities
and can work within their schedule. Just let us know on your information
form any activities. There are car pools available as well as team

5. I want to be a coach-what do I have to do?
Fill out the "Parent/Coach/Volunteer Sign Up and Waiver" form and turn it
into Ms. Hunt in Rm E115 at Carroll High School. This form registers you with
the SCTP (covers the background check and also gets you insurance coverage) and
take the Double Goal Coaching class which is offered online by the SCTP. You
are also required to take the Coaches Training which is specifically designed
to teach parents how to coach target sports.

6. What does the Coaches Clinic involve/include?
The Coaches Clinic is a 10 hour course that takes place over 2 days. About 8
hours is in-class time. Classroom time includes all the information that will
need to be taught to the youth in the first 4 weeks- Safety, difference in
firearms, ammunition, gauges, different clay targets and the different games,
etc… There is also more information about how to actually teach included. The
other 2 hours are practical experience where the coaches get to shoot a variety
of targets, and get to coach other coaches and also be coached by an
experienced instructor. CCTT will reimburse the cost of this course
($200) after you have coached the team for 10 sessions.

7. How do I become a Parent Volunteer?
Fill out the "Parent/Coach/Volunteer Sign Up and Waiver" form and turn it
in to Ms. Hunt in Rm E115 at Carroll High School. This will register you with
the SCTP. Once registered you will need to complete a background check
and also take the Double Goal Coaching class which is offered online by the
SCTP. Parent volunteers are required with each squad (group of 4 or 5 youth).
They are to assure that the youth are behaving properly and are following all
safety rules. If there are not enough parent volunteers, the kids cannot shoot
so the participation of an athlete's parents is crucial. At least one
parent for every athlete must become a Parent Volunteer.

8. Do I need to buy my athlete a shotgun?
You do not need to purchase a shotgun for a beginning shooter. In fact, the
coaches ask that you do not purchase a shotgun right away.
Elm Fork has some available to rent for practice or you may borrow from a
family member. CCTT does not have any shotguns to loan.

9. What equipment am I required to buy?
If your athlete is participating in a shooting practice or a competition,
he/she must have eye and ear protection. He/she will be provided a shooting
vest as part of the uniform fee.

10. My child has never/rarely fired a shotgun. Can he/she still participate?
Yes. The Carroll Clay Team has excellent certified coaches to help your child.

11. How many parent volunteers/coaches are required?
There must be one coach or assistant coach and one parent volunteer required
per squad (4 or 5 shooters). There are no exceptions to this policy.
Athletes will not be allowed to shoot if there are not 2 adults present
on the field with every squad.

12. How do I pay for registration?
Checks will be written to the Southlake Carroll Target Program and will be
turned in to Ms. Hunt, the teacher sponsor, or Kristy Murday, Parent Board
Treasurer. We will also accept credit cards at the Registration event on
September 13th (3% processing fee.)

13. If I must rent a shotgun, is that included in the cost?
No. All shooting related expenses are the responsibility of the individual.

14. What does the parent volunteer do?
The main job of parent volunteers is to be an adult presence for a squad of 4-5
athletes as they go thru practice and usually, to write down the scores.
It is easy, it is fun, and you will be as hooked on this sport as your kid!

15. What is included in the team uniform?
The team uniform fee provides the athlete with 2 shirts (1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve) a team baseball cap and a team shooting vest.